Option 4: Rosewood Location Rental

Our Rosewood location is available for private parties after business hours. We offer buffet presentation, or for a food truck experience, guests may order from your menu at our trailer window.

  • $500 location rental fee
  • $1200 pre-tax food minimum
  • $26 per person (3 meats+3 sides)

  • $27 per person (3 meats+4 sides)
  • $28 per person (4 meats+3 sides)
  • $29 per person (4 meats+4 sides)

For a quote, please email our Catering Office.

  • Name
  • Phone Number (required)
  • Event Date
  • Event Start/End Time
  • Food Service Start/End Time
  • Total Guest Count - include children & vegetarians
  • Number of Children (if applicable)
  • Number of Vegetarians (We offer Smoked Field Roast or Smoked Seitan)
  • Menu Choices (Please choose at least 3 meats+3 sides)
  • Special Requests: add desserts and/or bottled drinks

pickles, onions, sauce, bread, heavy-weight compostable brown paper plates, & medium-weight plastic utensils (in picnic packs with napkin) are included